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since this is on the front page of the account, I'd also like to state my main account is


It's been a while since I've actually been on this account good god-
I'd like to say I'm going to try and be more active on here of course and upload more current bases
I saw that almost all the bases on here now are about 2 years old and the style itself bugs me


I'll be 'redoing' most of the old ones !
So be sure to check in from time to time to see them.
The old ones WILL still be up for use, so don't worry to much about 'what if we like the old one better'
I'll also be making PS compatible ones POSSIBLY.  Not 100% sure just yet on that.

I figured I'd also answer some questions I've received in my notes;

[ so and so ] didn't give you credit for using your base !
As I do appreciate your concern and am honestly happy to know people worry about theft of my bases; the old ones are literally so old and useless to me [ not meaning to sound too harsh/blunt in saying this ] that I don't mind if credit isn't given. I don't find much issue or need to call it art theft as long as someones not literally, taking my line art, putting their own signature and uploading it as their base work for others to use.  Then that would be an issue I'd like someone to note me on, please !

Do you take requests ?
I was thinking about doing so if certain poses are at high demand or asked for repeatedly; otherwise you can hopefully catch in the future 'requests/commissions/base trades' and you can ask me then and I can see what I can do for you. 

Can I modify the bases ? As in, add extra tails, ears, ears, etc ?
By all means !  Do as you wish with the bases, they're made for you of course !  You can do what ever it is you like with them in regards to adding extra features and accessories. 

Can I use [ base ] on [ said website outside of deviantart ] ?
Where as I'd say no, I don't really see harm in it if you do promise for credit to be given and I can at least see what you've made.  Where as I don't mind them used without credit on deviantart, it's a different story on other websites.

Do as you please with the more older bases, I don't mind you use them on dev or other websites with or without credit.

Do you make human bases ?
No, I only make canine and sometimes feline.  I'm not completely comfortable with my human style just yet enough to make bases of them.

So, in hoping there are some actually active watchers of mine still keeping up with this account, please do let me know of any more questions you're like to ask regarding my bases !
I'll try my best to get to them. If you haven't already, be sure to check out my main account, Ludiiicrous, you can always contact me there since I'm more active there than here !

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you are Godyly Awesome :dummy:
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Hey Fefe' do you take Base requests?
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